January 29, 2018

Female empowerment is something that has been pretty central in the media lately, and so these photos felt appropriate. They celebrate everything about women that is so amazing…confidence. Strength. Power. Grace. Elegance. Wisdom. Beauty. My approach to boudoir photography is a little but like every other photographer’s; obviously, I want my clients to feel incredible, sexy, and beautiful, but I also want them to see the unconventional sides of themselves as well. I love these images because they are not traditional style boudoir photos, but rather they hold a certain mystery, and of course, they tell a story. The curve of an elbow, the slope of a knee, gentle and full eyelashes. My style is always to intrigue the eye to wonder what else the image is about, and to tell the tale that is behind a simple frame. Enjoy these portraits, and all they represent.

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