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It’s 2014 and there are celebrations to be had.

So here we are.

Initially, I  was invited by a friend to photograph her dearly loved grandmothers in southern California. But as it turned out, I came away with so much more than that. My camera and I got  an insider view of a creative family, a family that sits together for meals, that engages through poetry, good food and interesting conversation.

At first, I tried to separate these images into 3 different categories: each grandma would have words and a blog as well as a “hey I have this wonderful friend Umeko and we played with her dog and hung out with her rad family” post.

Didn’t work. Why? Because we are interconnected.

Most stories don’t start from out of nowhere or have their own beginnings, instead our lives and memories are intimately tied to the people we love and to the people that came before us.

So, for two days, I ate, slept, exercised, photographed and had myself a remarkable time with this family. I am so thankful for this experience.

These photographs show the inside of living a life fully, of how to celebrate the art of everyday.

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Aunt JoAnn 08:26 February 17, 2014 Reply
Wow that is very nice. I loved your shots. They tell a wonderful story.
Olympia Foster 15:29 February 17, 2014 Reply
These are so beautiful. Even if they did not depict my family, my heart would be very moved!
sesshu foster 22:07 February 17, 2014 Reply
Thanks for the visit, thanks for the tremendous photos!
Gail Robinson 06:36 February 18, 2014 Reply
Thank you, thank you for taking such beautiful pictures. They capture Auntie, Ume and the family so well! Beautiful colors and structure. It conjures wonderful memories, warmth and the smell of home.
Deborah Stein 12:12 March 27, 2015 Reply
Such beautiful, insightful and moving photos of one my favorite families whose grandmas I never had the pleasure to meet but know they did a pretty fantastic job with their offspring...beautiful work.
    lindseybolling 20:52 March 27, 2015 Reply
    Thank you Debra! I agree with every word you wrote about that family
Michael Van Auken 04:00 April 9, 2015 Reply
You have an extraordinary gift. I'm speaking of both Lindsey and the families that she has captured.
Umeko 16:41 May 15, 2015 Reply
I RELOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS. . . Thank you for documenting my leading ladies. I can smell that house through these images. Tattered chair probably older than I am. And just when my heart seems to well up with love and nostalgia, the CAT FILES just make me laugh! Oh I love them.

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