Wild Ones | Documenting the Ordinary

January 27, 2018

PERSONAL MOMENTS |  It is 6:24 am and Adele is wide awake. I had this funny idea that if I got up waayyy before the kids got up, I could do a little work and then sneak out of the house before they could finish rubbing their eyes.

Its comical how much I don’t know about parenting and kids. OF COURSE THEY’D BE UP. And of course they’d want to see what I was doing. I edited some photographs with them, showing my nieces how to turn the images into BW or the different ways we could edit the color pink.

I am also up this early because it’s WEDDING DAY and no matter what, this jolts me out of bed with ideas, a little nervous butterfly in my stomach and a craving for something meaningful to capture.

Kids biking Little girl biking in BW Candid portrait of child little girl's hand on a tree little girl playing in the woods little girl in the woods Kids playing in the rain baby in winter Medford Oregon Family Portraits