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August 28, 2017

There’s something magical about dads and daughters. There’s a heart-melting, authentic connection that is filled with love, and it’s one of my favorite things to capture. This family marked an interesting milestone: my first inquiry via a PDF file! Yes, you read that right, a PDF file. This family reached out to me with their PDF, and wrote about being interested in truly authentic and honest photos. A real representation of who they are, and the things they care about. They loved the idea of unposed moments and candid conversations, and as soon as I received their email, I was all-in! I wrote back right away.

Noah, Stella, Zoe, and Nellie were pretty amazing. They are animated, unique, and engaging, and while most of my clients come for a 30 minute consult, Noah and I chatted for a few hours. Then, we talked for four more when I joined them for dinner before their session. I was needing some color, some over the top, joyful images and I asked if the girls could put on some big dresses. Boy, was I wrong. They came back saying no, we don’t have that stuff… BUT they had an idea: the girls went through their dad’s clothes and had a dress up date but with boots and rad hats. Bulky, textured leather jackets, and funky ties, and they learned to tie a tie. And my heart melted. We danced around the streets in suits and boots and then made a grand entrance into the house when dinner was ready.

There’s something about lifestyle sessions that can’t really be replicated any other way. They go deep. Straight to the heart of the family, the words they use, the honest love and adoration for each other. Lifestyle sessions allow me to dive right into the family unit, and show families what their life is all about. It’s about the shared meals, the community built, the growth, laughter, and backyard adventures. There are rarely “big moments” in lifestyle sessions. Instead, they’re comprised of lots of small, beautiful insights.

Goodness. Thank you for this session but thank you even more for the experience and invitation into your home.

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Way, way, way cool and beautiful LB!

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