Elegant mountain wedding at Willow Whitt Ranch || Medford Wedding

December 29, 2021

| an elegant wedding tucked away in the mountain side |

Heidi and Jake had the perfect wedding day. They choose to get married in their hometown, Ashland, Oregon and held their reception at Willow Whit Ranch. Everything and every detail felt authentic and well planned.

Heidi has a way of making anyone feel loved and seen. Her big smile and kind heart made capturing her portraits a joy. Jake is the kind of the guy who is up for mostly anything and is really neat- he knits and rolls his own cigars. Together, they are smiley bunch and kind couple.

To be out in such a beautiful setting is a reminder of how special and gorgeous it is here in Ashland and that only a few miles away, one can celebrate life and love in the mountains.

Thankful to have captured this day.

xoxo, Linds

Location: Willow Witt Ranch

Event Planner: Diogo from So Elegant Events

Dress: BHLDN