Generations apart // Alfred Slagle , Sr

January 17, 2014


This sequence of numbers means something.

It means this man recently turned 86.

86? That’s about what I’ve got in my savings.

86? It’s an age that many of wont get to say we made it that far. And here, Alfred is still kicking it, laughin’ up, and showing us gals a thing or two about heavy equipment.

I went out to photograph this man as showed me around a large yard filled with machinery that he had worked on many years prior. He knew almost every engine. He knew the ends and outs of how they worked and how to fix them when they didn’t. It’s a art- fixing things rather than throwing them out and buying something new.

I’ve begun a new project this year, of learning about people, about their stories. In the age of where everything is glamorous and staged, I am less interested in these images. I am most intrigued by the stories of real people, by the glimpse of the daily life. Following Alfred was a perfect opportunity to learn something, hear a few stories and of course, laugh.


Hey hey! Spotted Dave Valentine, no wonder I thought the property and machinery looked familiar.
Loving these great pictures!

Wonderful pictures Alfred was a friend of my husband growing up in randle wa. haven’t seen him in yrs so was glad to see these pic. my son googled his name and found these.

Thank you Lindsey! You picked a perfect man for a conversation as well as inspiration–and a great laugh.

Beautiful pictures, Lindsey. What a great morning that was – good memories of stories and smiles!