Schools Valley Lodge Picture Perfect Love| Travis and Maya

August 18, 2018

There’s something really special about photographing people you know. There’s a deeper commitment to the images: there’s history, intertwined friendships and admiration of guests. Theres a little bit of crying when you see her sister and mother put on her wedding dress, too.

There’s something really special about these two. There’s a thankfulness about their love and an appreciation for eachother’s qualities and aspirations. Theres a little bit of nerd.

Maya and Travis said heck yes to forever this June at Schools Valley Lodge and the entire day was joyful from the rainless skies (forecast had rain all day projected!), to the calmness of the day, the wonderful toasts and  of course, the DANCING. I left filled to the brim in heart and belly. I saw old friends, had wonderful conversations with my friends mothers (who are all badass by the way, Like Joan, who one day decided to pick up Spanish and then spend most of her days in a the most beautiful little city in Mexico). And got to  catch up with legendary photographer,  Hal Anderson and have him give me insight into my career).

Maya and Travis, thank you for letting me celebrate with you and your wonderful people. I look forward to see how your love shapes this world!




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  Bride and groom first dance Bride and groom first dance