Winter Love | Chris and Kelsey say I do

December 30, 2018

YOU GUYS! This cute couple is approaching their 1 YEAR anniversary and it seems like a good time to be reflective on last years favorite weddings, with this one making the top favorite!

The character of the old building really made for a perfect backdrop. With the rain pouring most of the day, being able to be inside with this light was a dream come true for me. Kelsey and Chris had a great vision for the space and their modern, simply decor matched perfectly.

Their love was sweet, their wedding intimate and the details just right. What a joy to be present at this love affair!

I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring in ways of weddings and love. If you know of someone in the southern Oregon area looking for a photographer, I’d love for a referral or a nudge my way!

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