Hi, I'm Lindsey

A slightly sarcastic, laid back mom of many (3). I like to procrastinate, enjoy the best of life and eat a little too much cake.

Originally from southeast Alaska, I followed the sunshine and made Southern Oregon my home. I am so grateful for this art medium that has allowed me to meet incredible people, travel to incredible places and tell incredible stories of love, life and dreams.

A little more

My photographic philosophy is to document life in a way that reveals your relationships, your routines, and all those small things that make your life your own.

The end result is proof that you’re wildly alive and that your life, your craft, and your love is a story worth telling.

I Actually Have Degrees in

I’m Obsessed With

community health & special education

toyota dolphin RV's

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

my mother

a pantry filled with smoked fish

I Started This Business

I'm inspired to learn more about


at the age of 16

My perfect hobby

thai cooking

Some stuff to know about me

Children playing in a field

so new friend.

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