A spirit of adventure… | Oregon Wedding Photographer

December 10, 2017

I hope in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that you can take a moment to step outside (if you’re in my part of Oregon, you can bundle up and head to the snow!). Gather your loved ones, and enjoy something simple, without crowded parking lots or long drive-through lines…brew your own coffee, wear the sweater your grandma knit you, and remember what it’s like to slow down.

There’s a saying I hear sometimes about ‘getting back to nature’. Our world moves pretty fast at times, and it can be hard to focus on the moments that make us feel alive. Especially when it comes to couple’s sessions, there has been this shift on social media that every moment needs to be shared, documented, uploaded via the fastest wifi. Our food, a cup of coffee, a great hike in the fresh air. That’s why I am wanting to share a few images today that are all about the simple things in life: sloping mountains, warm sunshine, and the simple moments of connection. This sweet couple and their closest friends and family experienced all of these things together, and I love the way the light shines through in all of them.

Coming soon: I am going to be holding a little contest for a free engagement session! I am looking for adventurous couples who have some creative locations in mind (think ones you have to hike to!), so stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the details!

bride and groom at sunset Sunset wedding photograph