Alaskan Love | Adventure Wedding at Boyscout Beach

September 18, 2023

Nate and Emily’s wedding on Boy Scout Beach in Juneau, Alaska, was a beautiful celebration of love marked by thoughtful, heartfelt details. The stunning coastal location, with its panoramic views of the Gastineau Channel and lush forests, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.
Their wedding was intimate, with close friends and family coming together to witness their vows among big trees and endless coastlines. The overcast day made this photographer ultra happy, as it helped capture the deep forest green best.

It was an adventure from the start- most friends and family stayed a few days prior in one of the many cabins available. While there is running water and toilets, it’s a beautiful but humble place.

The gals got ready in a simple boxed cabin with hung lights and mounted elk horns for decor. Simple makeup is being put on by friends, with no one fussing too much about perfection. Emily even put her dress on in the middle of the woods. Being around her and everyone was so peaceful as I photographed friendships, details, and interactions.

The gentleman met casually outside one of the cabins, sharing stories and catching up.

The food served at the reception was not just any ordinary meal – it was caught by the bride’s brother, Connor, who brought his fishing skills to the table, quite literally. Even the bouquet held by Emily was a testament to the couple’s connection to the community – the flowers were grown by a local friend. Every detail was thoughtful and simple, reflecting Nate and Emily’s genuine appreciation for the people and the place they called home.

Nate and Emily ended their evening dancing with friends and family. I quietly slipped away and thankfully, was not eaten by a bear on the 2 mile hike back in the dark.