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I love a great vacation (give me all the travel and the tropics!), but I’ve found over the years, that investing in retreats and wellness weekends has been the most beneficial thing I can do. I recently attended one of the Alchemy of Spirit Retreats that took place at the Lotus Feed. Claire Ragazzino is the graceful leader of these introspective retreats, and she’s simply amazing. Her own health journey started when she was just 15, learning how to heal and help her body through nutrition and a plant-based diet. Since then, she’s also added certified yoga instructor and nutrition educator to her accolades, and today, she helps numerous women through retreats, workshops and coaching. I felt so lucky to be able to earn from her. I went to be a guest, as well as a photographer, and loved enjoying time with new and old friends.

I’ve found that the path of wellness and my attraction towards Ayurveda keep aligning in my life, and I have taken note. This retreat was like none other. I learned many breathing techniques, the beauty and power of sacred sound and the importance of community. I connected with my body and mind and turned off the noise of the busy world. It was a welcome relief, and peaceful to my whole spirit. Each night we sat down to dine under the stars and with food that was literally picked that day. The Lotus Feed is an impressive retreat center that not only offers a picture perfect scene, they also provide meals that are  out of this world. I mean, rose coconut vegan whipped cream? Hibiscus pickled curry deviled eggs? Rosemary focaccia with shakshuka for breakfast? We were blessed with warm cacao smoothies, fresh almond milk and literally anything you could dream up that was delicious, as well as packed with nutrients. We also met each morning for thoughtful journaling, followed by some insight into each of the chakras. Our days consisted of yoga, meditation, breathing, workshops and plenty of time of quiet, for conversation and for reconnecting with nature.

After a retreat like this one, I come back to life and the daily responsibilities more rejuvenated, with a ittle motivation to take better care of myself through good sleep, nutrients, movement and friends.  I’d encourage you to take time for yourself to attend a retreat like this one, especially if you find yourself on the ever-spinning treadmill of life in this digital and busy age. It’s good for the soul!

Find more about Vidya Living and Claire’s work HERE




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