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“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.
Most of the time we are simply not patient
quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.” –L. Hogan

I met this lovely couple when I photographed their engagement session (find it HERE), and couldn’t wait for the day of their easygoing and meaningful backyard wedding. Jade and Josh were one of the least fussy couples I’ve ever worked with, and they were simply overflowing with joy. I know weddings can be stressful times (for many understandable reasons), but there was nothing but gratitude and love coming from these two. I was the lucky one, to witness such a happy day filled with their closest friends and family, and surrounded by roaming chickens and flowering pear trees. There were even colorful seats, painted in cheery colors to add to the celebratory feel.

It was so fitting to these two to have the ceremony in their backyard in Talent, where everyone could see how their home reflects their souls, inside and out. They thought up all kinds of details, like games, and a classic car for their sendoff, but it was very much it’s own celebration. I think this is part of what makes me love simple, backyard weddings or elopements; there is no script except for the one that you write. I love keeping my ears peeled for groups of laughter, and checking to see the direction the light was streaming from. Every single person at this sweet ceremony was delightful. In fact, that’s one of the magnificent thing about photography: the people that I get to meet. I am in awe of what conversations, personalities, industries, and happenings that I get to be around because of the camera in my hand.  I feel very lucky to know all the stories, and make the connections that I do.

More love stories and backyard celebrations? Yes, please. 

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