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When you’re choosing a wedding photographer, I believe it’s important to find one that you connect with, not just one whose images you may like. I think the person you ask to capture one of the most important days of your life needs to be one that you trust, and one who understands the vision you have for your own day. Whether that’s me or someone else, I hope that if you’re a bride-to-be, that you search for just the right fit. Right now, it’s engagement season, and with destination wedding becoming more popular, photographers are quickly filling up their wedding months (June and July). Now is the perfect time to begin searching for, and booking your wedding photographer!

Why me? I think there’s a certain type of bride that’s drawn to my particular style; it’s the bride who feels things deeply. The bride who cherishes moments, and no matter the size of her wedding, wants to remember the way everything moved and swirled around her that day. I’m perfect for the bride who seeks beauty in quiet moments; the way her dress swishes gently around her ankles, the way her bridesmaids squealed with joy over their bouquets, the tears that fall during a meaningful toast. I’m there for all of it, quietly snapping away so that this day is secure for generations to come, so the story of your wedding can be shared for years and years.

Even though the wedding season has ended for me for 2017, I still very much love to photograph the details and the beauty of a stylized scene and pretty things. These photographs were from a shoot, dreamt up by Carmen Sores. Even though is was a cold fall day, everything looked absolutely stunning and full of beauty but I took away more than a handful of pretty photographs. It’s little collaborations and networking with other creatives that makes this whole photography thing even more fun and collaborative.   Southern Oregon Wedding Photographer Medford Photographer Lindsey Bolling     Urban groom photographer Urban Bride and Groom Walking

Vendor Love:

Dreamer, do-er of the entire thing, Carmen Soares of https://www.beyondthegatesphoto.com/

Dresses and Decor : Party Gallery http://partygallerymedford.com

Vendor: Schoolhaus Brewhaus  http://www.bighamknoll.com

Des Anthony Events Design : https://www.desanthonyevents.com

Budding Inspiration: https://www.buddinginspiration.com

Moments Wedding and Event Rentals

Seize the Cake

A Look Design

Whitney Audra Makeup : https://www.whitneyaudra.com

Beyond by Clelia Morgan


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