January 9, 2018

My camera accompanies me just about everywhere, even though I have a smartphone. These days, just about everyone has a camera phone, which means our images becomes scattered across timelines, crunched into Instagram squares, and sent into group chats just about every second of our day. With all these photos, moments have become less and less sacred, but I believe these special moments still exist. Take these two, for example. We stole a few simple minutes with these snow-capped mountains as a backdrop.

5 years later and they are still smitten.

5 years later, and they still continue to take on life’s joys and challenges in the same way: together.

and in 5 minutes, I tried to capture a few images, to just have living proof that this kind of love exists, naturally, truly.

As much as I love working with clients for consults, to discuss clothing or locations, or shooting day-long events, there is something sweet about having just a few simple moments. A few moments when my camera comes out and the mood strikes, a moment without the pressure of an end results or a long, creative project.

Just my camera. Just my friends. Just some love and a tiny bit of light.

Couple waking in the woods in winter   couple in love Man kissing wife's forehead Couple laughing woman smiling in the winter couple kissing in snow