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There is a special sort of light that expecting moms hold within. It’s a sort of secret glow, a precious love that truly is something only they possess. It really cannot be replicated in any other setting, and it’s one of my favorite things. I adore capturing this season of life, and when Julie and Ari asked me to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their first child, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I scouted for a beautiful location, and we took advantage of the fall colors and changing leaves for their setting.

A first child is also such a special experience, because it’s new and exciting, as well as meaningful.  I love watching a close duo like this one grow even closer as they prepare to become a trio. I am madly in love with this session in it’s entirety, because they are so candid and filled with joy. I literally rushed home to edit a handful of my favorites, but could hardly narrow them down! With living in a semi-small corner of Oregon, you’d think I’d run out of locations, but I never have. Around every corner, it seems, there’s a special grove of trees, or another forest ridge filled with a canopy of trees that is just begging for me to bring my clients there.

Ari and Julie, you will be amazing parents. I am so grateful to have gotten to capture these for you!

(Hair and makeup by Janice Moon Artistry)

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