The Axelson Family | Southeast Alaska Photographer

August 18, 2017

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.
-John Muir

The Axelson family and their little lions, as their mom terms them, are delightful, and as authentic-Alaskan as can be. They are boys, to the max. They get dirty, they play in the rain  and in their underpants. They read big, big books and they they believe that their dad is most mighty of them all. I do too. Tessa, the mom, has a talent and infinity for well made goods, fine art collections, poetry and an enviable sense of style. Even with two  boys, she is adds a touch of feminine to even a pair of xtratufs. I enjoy the depth of our conversation and I admire her as as  tender mother.  I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them time and time again, and it gets sweeter every time. Their boys continue to grow and learn, shepherded by two astute and amazing parents.

She’s also crafted a home filled with warmth and tall ceilings and with books, poetry and art. Their walls are adorned with portraits and alaskan landscapes, and their house has the most perfect view of Southeast Alaska. I don’t enjoy doing dishes, but I sure would if I were able to stand at their sink and stare at the ocean and little islands. Thank you Tessa and Paul, for inviting me into your home and life. It’s a gift and honor to be welcomed again into your corner of the world.

It might still be warm and humid outside, but fall weather is just around the corner. It’s filled with crisp leaves and changing colors, and it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about your family session. Let me know if you’d like to get yours scheduled, just in time for holiday cards!

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