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January 1, 2014

As the New Year approaches, many of us have begun our long lists of don’t and do’s and  grand ideas on how this year is going to be different. How we are won’t eat cake ever again and how we are going to go the gym 456 times this year.

This year, this 2014, let us retire our extreme diets goals and instead trade them in for healthy beginnings (check out Claire Ragozzino cleanse).

Let us move our bodies to celebrate our lungs and our limbs and move away from the calorie counting in our exercise plans.

Let us be brave and wear what we want to. If it makes you feel like a badass, rock it.

Let us increase our compliments to ourselves and to those around us through kind words and thoughts.

Let us celebrate how beautiful we truly are. And trust me, you’re gorgeous.

In the last few years, I started  photographing boudoir. At first, I didn’t know exactly what I thought of it and at times, I thought maybe this genre wasn’t for me.  And then it clicked. I found the story. I understood the purpose: boudoir celebrates every day beautiful woman.  I have found that I can use my lifestyle approach to capture women in their natural composition and have learned  much about myself in the process.

Maybe this year will be the year that you will look at yourself in the mirror and whisper  ” I am beautiful “.

AND… now for some delightful images of beauty


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Love these words of wisdom and amazing shots!