5 Tips for Family Portrait Wardrobes

November 17, 2017

As soon as families schedule their fall or holiday portraits, they often wonder what to wear. This can be the most stressful part for many people, but it really doesn’t have to be. I have five easy tips today for anyone who is in the throes of trying to shop and coordinate outfits for their loved ones:

  1. Start early, especially if you are having yearly portraits done. If you have an annual family session (usually in the same season each year), then you know the photos are coming 🙂 This means that you can shop year-round, and several months in advance. Remember to take children’s sizes into account, and save your receipts, but this can be a helpful strategy. If you find a great sweater, or statement blouse, you can purchase it early and begin planning around it.
  2. Remember to coordinate, not match. Stick within similar tones and shades, but we don’t need to revisit the nineties-style jeans and white tee shirts! For fall, think of golden mustards (like below), dark wine and burgundy shades, and pretty charcoal greys. For winter, stick with creamy whites and beiges, dark hunter green, or navy blue and gold. Remember that if one person is in a particularly busy print, to stick with subtle prints and solids for the rest of the family, so it’s not overwhelming.
  3. Think about location: If you are having a rustic or urban shoot, be sure your clothing styles match. For urban, downtown sessions, dressy outfits (think floor-length dresses, heels, and dress pants or slacks) look beautiful and feel more appropriate than for a shoot in the forest. If you are unsure, you can always ask your photographer for ideas.
  4. Choose mom’s outfit first. Moms tend to be the pickiest about the way they look and feel about themselves. Whether they aren’t at their ideal weight, or they are self-conscious about the way they appear, moms need to feel great so it reflects well in the photos. Outfits for moms are often harder to find than outfits for men or children, so it’s best to start with a head to toe outfit on a mom or parent figure, rather than a child’s outfit.
  5. Have a trial run: Be sure to have every family member try on their full ensembles before the shoot, including with undergarments. You’ll be sure that nothing is too sheer, that skirts aren’t too short, or that things aren’t too small or tight when you move around. You’ll feel confident heading into your shoot!

Of course, I am always available to my clients, to answer questions about where to shop, what to wear, and what looks great together. Let’s get started!

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